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What is the INO?

The organization was formed in the year 2011 and gave its maiden performance in Chennai on the 25th of June 2011 at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha. This was be followed by subsequent performances of the INO in all the major cities of India and abroad.

The INO 2011 consists of extraordinary talents from across India covering both North and South Indian classical music forms. This combined collaboration represents what can be called 'SHASTRIYA SANGEETH' – which is both Carnatic and Hindustani music, but with a contemporary feel.

Hence the music presented by INO truly reflects the spirit India as it is today – diverse in texture and variety, but united in spirit and purpose! An India that is modern, but an India that seamlessly treasures its traditional values; where the ancient and the modern have a continuous dialogue; an India that is proud of its past; an India that ventures out into the future with its head held high in the comity of nations reassured by its own internal strength and conviction. An India that was, that is and that will be! A cascade of Melodies and Rhythms...

The Founder

The Indian National Orchestra is an initiative of Veena Vidushi Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh – a first-of-its-kind organization that showcases the best musical talent from around the country.

Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh has been enthralling audiences the world over with her graceful, emotive and expressive music for the last 25 years. The Statesman, a well acclaimed daily quotes that Jayanthi is "The best and most versatile Veena artiste we have today."

Born into a family where music has been the mainstay for the last seven generations, Jayanthi started playing the Veena when she was barely 3. Winning her way through several laurels and awards right from her childhood, Jayanthi was soon one of the youngest artistes in Veena to receive A-TOP grading from All India Radio (the highest grade offered by the only grading body in India).

In recognition of her artistry, the Government of Tamilnadu has honoured her with the title of Kalaimamani. She has also been the recipient of prestigious awards like the Best Main Musician, Best Veena concert of the year, Sathyashree, Veena Nada Mani and the like. Jayanthi has been invited by prestigious organisations across the world like Theatre de la Ville in Paris, the UN and World Music Centre in New York, Music Guimet in Paris, Woodstock in the United States, Indo-German Societies, the Indian embassy at Sharjah and several such platforms to represent the National instrument of India – the Saraswathi Veena.

Apart from solo performances, Jayanthi has performed several jugalbandhis and has also collaborated with musicians from other types of music in her own World music band called Indian Spice. As a composer, Jayanthi has scored music for a host of dance productions and musicals that have premiered in India and abroad, including Krishna Bhakthi, Abbakarani and Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya. She has also composed for the National South Asian Youth orchestra of the UK.

Jayanthi is the disciple of her maternal aunt Smt. Padmavathy Ananthagopalan and Veena Maestro Dr.S.Balachander. Her maternal uncle, the Violin Legend Lalgudi Sri. Jayaraman is a great influence and inspiration for her.

Jayanthi has recorded several CDs for companies all over the world like Times Music, Music Today, Sense World, Earthsync, Navras, Home Records etc. She recently came out with an album called 'Mysterious Duality' in which for the first time one artiste and one instrument have created an orchestral effect. This album focuses on the multi-dimensional persona of the self. Mysterious duality is her tribute to the most majestic instrument that India has contributed to the world – the Veena.

She has been a part of national and international music ensembles and jugalbandhis with musicians from India and abroad. Her boundless creativity finds expression in a multitude of ways. She has conceptualized, composed and produced the music for many dance ballets and musicals and is the Managing Director of a Bangalore based Music company called 'Home Records' that endeavours to encourage and spread ecological awareness through expressions of experiments in interpretations of the dynamic aspects of Indian music and its related performing arts.

Jayanthi was awarded a Doctorate in 2008 by the University of Mysore for her work on the subject "Analytical Study of Different Banis and Playing techniques of the Saraswathi Veena".

Jayanthi has evolved her own identity and style by making the Veena her voice in expressing many a new musical thought to the audiences across the globe. She has today made the Veena the focal point of musical essence and experience.